Free Photo Preset

Note: Only adjust what are mentions, leave the rest alone. :-)

Step 1:

Exposure +0.47
Highlights -17

Tint +24
then click on top that says “Mix”


Hue +13
Saturation +20
Luminance -8


Saturation +12

Hue -63
Luminance +58

Hue -31 

Saturation -30

Step 2: Long press the photo and let go to see the color settings change.

Step 3: Click the 3 little dots on top right corner of the photo.

Step 4: Click Create Presets

Step 5: Name it and after saving it, go to the bottom of the photo

Step 6: Click Presets and you can find it there!

Next photo you just have to go to Presets> The name of it> and then if it's too dark or bright, go to Light> Exposure to turn it up or down and that's all you have to do to adjust your next photos.

Take your time and enjoy! - Mary